On a fair note Bangladesh in last 2 years has shown great improvement as a team at least in limited over format. They have a decent talent pool of players who can take them forward in coming years. But it’s rather unfortunate that majority of their players along with immature fans have started to shown arrogance too early before achieving any notable success. This attitude often will pull them down on the field and won’t win them any respect off the field. For all the improvements they have made on their skill/ability, there is a desperate need for them as a cricket nation to learn to respect opposition team & it’s players at first. One true example for this is across globe fans are happy looking at the success of Afganistan team in recent years but the same fans are eagerly waiting at the edge of their seats for Bangladesh to lose games and get beaten badly, speaks volumes about the poor attitude shown my this immature cricketing nation.

This hard fought test defeat to NZ naturally should have won them more fans and their applause. But on contrary, they are getting trolled by their own neighboring country fans.

I guess as a cricketing nation they want to show to the world that they were minnows but not anymore, yes it’s a good statement to make. For that, they should win games on the field rather than creating/issuing immature statements during post-match press conferences. I guess with little success they are trying to follow Australia way of cricket. Rather they should follow what SriLankan cricket did during late 90’s. They won 96 Wc and announced their strong arrival to the big league.

Finally, with all due respect, they forgot the fact that they are still
No.7 in ODI Ranking
No.9 in Test
No.10 in T20.
On paper, they still look like minnows in cricket. It’s not a statement to hurt them or their fans, but they should look at them hard before barking at Cricket against like India or Pakistan.

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