India VS SA CT 2017

What do we say here today? SA just blew us away with their as usual out of the blue worst performance in the knockout game. Which many would have predicted so did I, so not much of surprise everyone.

With an important toss won by Virat. He made SA bat. It was very slow start from both Amla and decock considering their stroke making ability but still a decent one to set up a platform. Faf came in and started off well-rotating strike with decock. Having stayed for a good amount of time decock should have stayed and made a big hundred to ensure they don’t choke this time around. But his wicket just gave a sniff to India and small panic in SA dressing room(which is enough to trigger SA downfall in knockout games especially at ICC tournaments). Post which many might say it was all India, it is true. But you can reframe it saying it was all Faf and his madness of running between the wickets. He was the architect for both Abd and Miller wickets. His call for Abd run-out was Honduras but his next act in Miller run-out just went to next level. He made the call Miller trusted him and ran all the way seeing it all then Faf turned back and dived to save his wicket seriously? It might be momentary but it actually showed the fact SA for all the talent they have don’t seem to play as a unit or selfless cricket both attributes are really required in big tournaments. So after those, it was natural that SA players shoulders were down, Faf in no time played on and lost his wicket. It was a carbon copy of how he got out in Pakistan game. Post which there was only one way the game went it was India all over them.

Why Faf why? Of all days you decided to just destroy the entire SA unit on a must win game.


images (9)


With Just 192 to chase. India never looked in trouble. Sharma started off but played an immature or ridiculous shot to get out. Dhawan’s love affair with ICC tournaments in particular to CT continued, he played another remarkable inning well supported by Virat at the other end Brought India in sight of victory. And Yuvraj just made the final rituals as he finished the game with a Six and sent the No.1 odi team in world packing.

So as I have said in my match preview for all the talent SA possesses, High-pressure games are about holding the nerve. I did tip India in that aspect as any day they were better at that than SA so they sailed through. #IndVSa #CT2017 #Chokerstag #SACHOKERS

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