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The 2017 Champions Trophy has been a tournament of rain married encounters, some shocking upsets, and surprises as top dogs were knocked out by minnows.

But now that the tournament has reached its business end, will the same trend continue or will the favorites thrive now? It’s a tricky situation now as both semifinals are exactly similar in the frame of the contest. It’s David vs Goliath on paper as well on the field.

As the first Semi final game if setup between tournament favorites England and unpredictable Pakistan team. Cardiff is the venue, it will be interesting so on what will be there to offer on the track. Will there be some assistance for bowlers or a flat batting paradise?

The only ray of hope for Pakistan to win the contest is if the track has some assistance for the seam or a slow two-paced surface. But England team will like to have it to their strength in their back yard which is a flat surface with plenty of runs available. We all know England have scored 300+ almost 4 out of 5 times in recent 2 years or so. On the other hand, Pakistan has struggled to score anything close to 250 runs immaterial of the nature of the surface. So that makes it a big mismatch of a contest.

Pakistan must be prepared for flat track and their batting unit must rise today to give them a chance. This England unit bats deep and is very aggressive in the field as well. So can’t expect them to be sloppy as Srilanka against who Pakistan scrapped a victory to reach the semifinal.

Probably Playing 11 for England: Hales,Roy,Root,Morgan,Stokes,Butter,Moen,Rashid,Ball,Plunkeet,Wood.images (13)

Though Morgan in press conference spoke about Bairstow might open, I feel they will give one more go for Roy. He is a game changed all he needs is one good inning.

Pakistan 11: Azar,Fakhar,Baber,Hafeez,Malik,Imad,Sarfraz,amir,Junaid, Hasan,Fahim.images (12)

Expect Pakistan to go with same 11. They might be interested in using the legi Shadab against england but might have a second thought about changing the winning combination.

Player battle that will decide the Encounter:

Amir Vs Root
Junaid Vs Hales
Hasan Vs Stokes
Fakhar Vs Wood

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