By now the news has come out that Ravi Shastri is out of contention. So Sehwag or Moody are the only choice for Virat to select from. It is tricky as there is myopia that Hindi speaking coach is preferred and that’s what team also expects etc. But in this situation will that be preferred above the credibility and track record parameter? If not Moody is the obvious choice but will Virat be subjective? All his talk on making the team the best ever etc. were all emotional and fascinating to hear and watch. But now it’s time to do that and also this decision might be a big milestone for that to happen, isn’t it?


Sehwag is really a lovely character and a great player. He is never going to be a pain for players, he will be a better fit in that aspect than even Ravi Shastri. He has also played with few of current players for a decent amount of time, which in his case is a good thing as he is easy going guy and not a strict Anil Kumble type. But for all the positives there are worries or downside that lingers with him. He might be just a big YES man for Virat, he might not even have any say even if its opinion it can just be kept aside by Virat in seconds. Which might backfire results in a big way.

When we think about his experience as a coach which is in IPL. Track record in IPL poor, team selection and strategies the less we even talk about it is better. Yes just one IPL he had Head coach role too early to judge but still very less experience in that role might also be the drawback to be Head coach of Indian team.

Tom Moody, on the other hand, have had good coaching experience at international level and also more or less a clam coach who works at the back like Gary. So which again goes smooth for Virat and co, so no real threat of headmaster style from him. Also, we have seen his IPL stint with Sunrisers, from his decision in picking players at auction (Yes he a just part of the decision, still has a big say). Selection of young players in playing 11 and also the way he worked with Warner, Williamson was fantastic to see. The kind of interaction he has at boundary lines and sidelines with Warner and co, showed his passion, awareness about the game also his great rapport with the players.

But the downside of it is, is he going to able to gel with Indian support staff? Also, he might not be sure about what to expect from Virat and co after the way in which Kumble was taken down. So that might be in his corner of mind when he walks into the dressing room at first. Also, we might not know on Virat part on the expectation from Moody end. Record wise and personality wise Moody is not a bad choice at all.

But will Virat and co still be leaned towards Indian origin coach or will they make a wise choice going with Moody? Who do guys see as the right choice?? #Indiancoach #Tommoody #Sehwag


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