One might say Ravi has come through all hurdles to reach here. It was obvious when Kumble was appointed, Ravi said few things against Sourav on the interview process. It made one thing evident CAC were not convinced with Ravi as head coach last time around but so was Virat with Kumble’s appointment, isn’t it? Virat had a great rapport with Ravi and even the entire team was more comfortable with Ravi. It’s a no-brainer when Kumble resigned BCCI was forced to re-open application for head coach job so Ravi can get into the scheme of things again.


After all the drama yesterday and today finally it is clear that Ravi Shastri and Virat combo is back again. Still, CAC seemed to be not totally convinced so they have got Zaheer and Dravid into the support staff team. Many might feel that Virat had got what he wanted and overpowered BCCI, CAC or very arrogant to throw out Kumble etc. But I strongly believe the captain & team have right to get a coach who is more in line with them and is able to create a positive atmosphere within the team. Because at the highest level players are matured enough to know their responsibility, from a coach expectation, is to keep the team together and ensure morale is high. Then comes his role on tactics and improving player’s performance. The second part cannot be done if you fail to get in line with the team and captain. Which makes it clear that a “Headmaster” type coach will never be able to achieve what is expected out of him at this level.


Overall this combination of Ravi, Zaheer and Dravid seems to be not bad by any means. Ravi’s positive energy with Dravid’s skill and Zaheer’s knowledge transfer to our strong pace bowling unit has all the making of a strong dominant Indian team in Test and ODI level. T20 is a different game we need a change in bowling unit to fix that. All a Coach can do is suggest to bring that change in T20 team to fix us in that format. Let us all hope that this start studded coaching staff with our present lot of skilled players will push Indian Cricket forward and make us as a dominant force as the West indies of 70’s & 80’s or Australia of last decade. #Ravishastri #Rahuldravid #Zaheerkhan #BCCI #Indianheadcoach

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