Yuvraj singn dropped

Yuvraj was dropped from Indian Squad which is said to tour SL. So people have we already seen his Last international innings in Champions trophy 2017 Final? The time has come to trend #thankyouyuvi now, isn’t it?
Yuvi Winning
I feel Yuvraj for the fighter he has been for his entire life should now accept the fact that his time has come to an end. It’s not that he lost his battle to come back, he made it this far after facing life threatening disease. But he must understand that it’s not the disease which is the reason for his current form or the reason he couldn’t get back to his prime, it’s his age which has caught up now. He must now really walk into the sunset with his head held high, thinking about all his achievements i.e. being the catalyst for Indian winning 2007 t20 WC and 2011 WC. and also for making miraculous come back into international cricket after fighting death. He should never think that he failed to bring back vintage Yuvi in his later part of his career. Let’s be realistic, even Usain bolt couldn’t be the same in his Last race. Age catches up with every player no one escape that he must realize it and call it a day. 

Yuvi Winning game
We are all proud of you Yuvi, there could never be any one like you. You are a gem and gave everything to Indian cricket, it will echo for generations to come, but we don’t want to see you bow out with criticism filled up. So it’s time Yuvi bhai please make the decision sooner than later. #thankyouyuvi #yuvrajsingh #farewellegend

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