In my Post yesterday I did mention that England had no chance to come back still, I don’t change a word from that. The scoreline might speak 50% chance for either side, but the way every English batsman played was far from convincing to chance a 350+ target with root being the only exception.
Root is under immense pressure, he grinded it out to finally show his class in Aus backyard. But there is still a long way to go, they way Starc, Cummins and Lyon are bowling attacking lines all it takes is one moment of concentration loss or half a loose shot to take a wicket first thing tomorrow morning. It looks like apart from Root the rest of the lot seems to be getting into a shell and then a moment of lapse in concentration to throw away their wicket. If England wants to win this game tomorrow they need to take the game on to the Aussies. Wokes, Moeen and Bairstow cannot just hang around root & block every delivery they must attack at times to shake the Australian bowling unit. If they fail to do that they will end up losing their wicket like Stoneman, Vince and Malan. Root will play the anchor role, but the others around him must score to ease pressure on him. All they need is some 30 to 40 runs from Wokes and Moeen at SR of 60 to 65, this will create huge pressure in Australian camp so mistakes will follow. All this of course only if Root stays put in the crease for the first 45 minutes tomorrow afternoon.
If Root falls before England reaching a minimum of 250 runs, can’t see them winning the games from there. So my verdict is tomorrows result depends not just on Roots stay, it also depends on how his partners are going to play around him to ease his pressure. If they attack cautiously Australia will be rattled, but if they get into a shell, don’t be surprised to see Root back in the pavilion with England staring at another Ashes test defeat down under.
The equation looks mouth watering for English fans, but the missing piece in this puzzle now seems to be Ben the war machine Stokes, put him in this 11 with this situation Aus might be saying their prayers tonight.
I reiterate the statement yesterday, England problem is with both bat and ball in hand. They failed with both in the first 2 and half days of this test, but with helpful conditions, their bowling unit has got them back into the game. But then again except root the batting unit today showed the world where England’s problem really lies. If this batting unit fails to capitalize and win this game who will they blame for this defeat?? As much as we speak about the English bowling weakness, it is their batters who have been letting them down in recent past, I don’t see that changing anytime soon and that included tomorrow.
England will go down, Down-under tomorrow. My predictions Australia will wrap up the game by the second session. #Joeroot #ECB #CA #Ashes

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