Many experts and people have started or will speak about Pant being there to finish today and will praise him calling he was left out of WC in a unfair manner.

So let’s keep that aside. For me the one aspect which made me like about his game the same thing I felt he was missing in every innings he played in his IPL or international limited overs career till today was the ability to find gaps to rotate strike & push for double from the word go when there is a opportunity. In a nut shell he did not slog & calculated the chase. Also the best part was he respected archer & Gopal to a great extent and only tried to score of their loose deliveries.

He is just 21 as he goes by he will learn. I have said it before that he suits more for opening slot still I say it. he is best suited in opening slot for shortest format at least. But if he does not get that spot looking at his innings today gives a hope that he can be sensible to find gaps to rotate strike & go for big shots when needed.

But let’s not forget this is a flat track where you can play on the rise. I would like to see him play such role in a challenging Delhi or Chennai track. When I say this I don’t mean to ask him play similar type of innings with 200+ S.R. But a similar sensible innings but scoring according to the conditions and still able to guide the team in chase or even help them out decent total on board. Not taking any credit away from him but with the talent he does posses to be the next big thing in Indian cricket he needs to do this more on different conditions more consistently.

#IPL #Pant #DC #RRvsDC

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