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Team India is going to experience a new set of cricket with pink ball. It will be a big event for Team India and to Test Cricket. As India is going to play theirs First Day/Night Match in Kolkata on 22nd November 2019, it is going to be a great experience for team India itself and for the fans. The first Day/Night match is going to be held at Kolkata, a perfect venue for this event. We all know about Eden Garden, which is beautiful and historical stadium. I think it is going to be a perfect start of Day/Night Match as it include sporty fans, where you can find bunch of huge Crowd.

Major Concept of Day/Night match is to make Test Cricket alive and more entertaining. Normal Test match use to be played during Day time to evening, where you can find very less crowd during weekdays. So,by having Day/Night match, we can expect some decent crowd. Manytime during the weekdays, people are busy with there office work, so maybe they don’t come for Test Match. But this new concept of test cricket, will brink lot of fans to the ground.


Even it is a New concept, it is going to have many challenges faced by both the team, who are new to this kind of cricket. The major issue will be pink ball swing. We have already witnessed pink ball cricket in some other country’s like Australia, England, Newzland. Test of Day/Night match in India is already happened during Final of Duleep Trophy against IND C vs IND B, where we have seen alot of swing for quick bowlers. This Pink ball is going to give full benefits to fast bowler because of new structure, even it is same as normal Red SG ball but to play under lights, they have used extra paint with black strip through which batsmen can face lot of questions regarding where the bowl will make a swing. Because of the Black strip in the ball will have some extra swing if bowler can bowl at good length, it bring extra seam effect, specially under lights.

Another major challenge will be Dew, In India we use to get lot of dew at evening time, so sometime may be during the last session, dew will come into play which will be tough for bowlers to hold the grip. So, this time it is going to be full test for India to how they maintain the dew and bowl effectively.

In recent experiment of pink ball in domestic match in India was some kind of balanced views, where we have seen very less contribution from spinners. It’s hard to take wicket with spin with pink ball and also under lights. Because the structure of bowl is not totally suitable for them, though they can make the opponent team run rate bit slow. Still we have all hope from R.Ashwin and R.Jadeja to make bit of turn and trouble the opposition batsmen.

During the Duleep Trophy final which was played with Pink ball got some complaints specially from spinners about the pink lacquer used which took them out of equation. In the other side, some batsmen also complain about the difficulties to sight during twilight hours when the bowl swings the most. India and Bangladesh who is going to play there first day/night match may suffer from this major falls but still it will be good competition.


Our Fast bowler, what to say about them. Team India is totally changed with new pace factory under Virat Kohli, which can trouble any batsmen at anytime. Earlier Team India was totally depended on spinners but this is new Indian team, in which pacers are shining. Now tables have been turned with fast bowler taking more wickets than spinner. Currently we have Ishant, Shami and Umesh, I think they are hitting there target at correct length and position. Ishant and Umesh at beginning provide all the swing which is required, and taking about Shami, he is just superb with his bowling length and speed. He can even bowl at start of innings and at middle of innings, in which he can swing the bowl at both direction and may confused batsmen with speed and length but with pink ball, there very be little chance of reverse swing though he can swing at both direction. So, it will be perfect to have this pace attack lead by Shami. Along with pace attack, our spinners R.Ashwin and R.Jadeja they are top players who can change the match quickly with couple of quick Wickets.

Our Batting lineup are very new to this cricket, Only Mayank Agarwal have played one day/night match during duleep trophy. Apart from him, everybody are new. We have seen players practicing from 1st Test match under lights with this new pink ball, so they can have little idea how the ball behaves. I think same combination will be chosen for the 2nd test match. With having Mayank and Rohit at top followed by Pujara, Kohli, Rahane, Saha. We hope all the batsmen get some idea and they can play more day/night matches in future.

This test match should be consider as new phase of cricket which bring lot of Crowd back to ground and make test cricket still alive with this new concept. All thanks to BCCI for having this Day/Night Match in Kolkata and also to thank Bangladesh Board to accept the invitation for this match. Hoping it will be good game of cricket with new pink ball condition and hope to have many more day/night Test match which will make test cricket more entertaining.

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