The 2nd T20 played out yesterday might be the final nail in the coffin for Shikar’s T20 career. His struggles in the shortest format of the game have been evident for years and can no longer be overlooked by team management or by the captain. Yesterday’s game was against a weak Srilankan outfit chasing a modest total yet Dhawan flattered to deceive, lack of game time can’t be the reason to hide his blemishes. His overall performance in international T20s & IPL over the years’ as shown in stats below paints the story about his struggle to accelerate the innings and inability to play big innings at a considerable strike rate.


Except in Australia and Srilanka(Minimum 5 matches played), his strike-rate is bush-league. As an experienced campaigner, he has played 20+ games in home soil at a meager strike-rate of 116, is this acceptable for the high standards set by the Indian team under Virat in the recent past? But this is not the total picture, I still have got a couple more situations to present here. Many of you might wonder, what else could be worse but believe me there is.

Dhawan played 2 T20 World Cup tournaments 2014 & 2016 Edition. These are the cumulative stats,


In-depth analysis was done to find out below given findings

(This analysis was shared by a friend of mine on Facebook. credit: Noor K)

  • Out of 59 innings, he has played 37 innings facing 30+ deliveries in which his Strike rate is 135+ only in 8 innings.
  • The cumulative Strike rate on 30+ ball innings is just 121.
  • If we remove those 8 innings with 135+ strike rate then his striker rate on 30+ ball innings fall as low as 108.
  • Overall he starts his innings too slow for anyone’s comfort & fails to accelerate even after getting set.

If the above said is not enough to validate the underlying problems to get him the ax then not sure what else could ever. KL Rahul earned his place as the first-choice opener in this format, he should be robbed no more.

This is my view backed by stats. Share your opinions/views in the comment section. As fans, we must have our say cheers.

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